Sunday, April 30, 2017

Our week and Lubbock

Sleeping babies
while mom paints signs

Report card and STARR results
for Rylee.  For every one that
knows the struggles we have had with
Rylee in years past! these are just
flat out amazing!!  He has improved
beyond my wildest dreams.  He actually
loves school and has big plans for
a future in journalism.  I just can not
believe the dramatic changes he has
gone through this past year.
We are sooo proud of him.

Homemade Rose Tea??
Something Rylee has been studying up
on.  How to make your own tea.
Could be interesting.

With KC away on his Corpus trip
it left me with out a dance partner
this week.  Cody was more than happy
to step in.  He actually really loved it!
Like a lot!  And he was really good. 
Really Really Good!  If we take this
class again we will sign him up with us.

When your little brother finally
sees a slug bug before you
and you are scared to get slugged.

I didn't actually think it would
really snow like they were saying.
I mean it is almost May.
But right before we were fixing
to leave for Lubbock this happened.

I didn't prepare for this at all
so my dad went by and covered
all of my plants.

We were heading to Lubbock
with Brent and Kristen for a
little couples getaway weekend.

We spent Saturday touring and
tasting at the wineries.

The weather was chilly and
rainy.  I didn't mind at all
because that's my favorite.
It certainly didn't slow us down.

We had lots of laughs.
and maybe a bit too much
sipping and tasting.


but it was so much fun!

Kristen taught me all about

Sunday morning my dad sent me
this picture of his backyard.
It's crazy.

This was the same time of
the weather out our hotel room
in Lubbock.  Big difference!

We were feeling all the fun we
had at the wineries.  So Sunday was
a little slow going.
We walked the mall and watched
Beauty and the Beast again.

Just trying to pass time until
the whole reason we went to
Lubbock in the first place.
Tosh.0 Comedy show.
It was sooooo funny!
The whole weekend was just
a great time and we can't
wait for our next couples
weekend away!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Corpus (work) Get a Way

KC had a safety conference in
Corpus Christi all this week.
The view from his hotel
balcony was pretty amazing.

Cody would have loved this
shark entrance to this gift shop.

one day was a half day
so they went to check out the
USS Lexington



He said he was only going for

but I think he ended up having a
pretty great time.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

This week

Rylee got his STARR test
results back today.
This was the texts I got
when he did.  Super proud
of this kid!

Another concert with the guys!
This time it was P.O.D.

Still prepping all this signs for
the craft show.  We are getting
down to the wire.

Rylee's first concert!
and we went as a family.
Dinner before at our favorite
Mexican restaurant and then
we headed to the venue.

He is so much like me.
Don't know if he was that
excited to go, but I think he had
a great time once it got going.

I just love this picture!

I think it might be one of
my favorite concerts I've
been to.

The boys went straight from
the concert to a scout camp
at Camp Don.  KC and I drove
down Sunday to watch Cody
shoot shotguns.
This is the face you make
when you're weirded out that
dad only took you to go on a ride.

but then you realize
it's actually pretty all right.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Long Easter Weekend

Dance class is still going strong!
We were even going to skip
this week because we are heading
to Red River.  It would have given
us a whole extra day in my
very favorite place.  BUT
we didn't want to skip.
That's how much we love it!
We've learned several line
dances and are just starting to
learn the jitter bug.  It might be
my favorite so far.

My plants are coming along great!
The seeds I planted last weekend
have even already sprouted.
I was shocked.  I hope this means
it will be a great growing season.


Quick trip to Red River to
pick up our trailer.  It needs a couple
of repairs done on it and we are putting
a new bed in it.  Just easier if we
bring it home to work on it.

We got caught up in
all of the baby giraffe hoopla
on the way home.

Filling the Easter baskets is
one of my favorite parts.

and black jelly beans for
Rylee's.  He prefers the dark
side in most all things.

Coloring eggs!

It's go time...


We did the plastic eggs again this year
and made it a contest.

This kid found every single
prize egg.  There was
a golden egg - silver egg
two trick or treat eggs.
Rylee found them all.
and this is the face you
make when you get the
trick egg filled with
dog poop.
(KC's idea)