Friday, June 16, 2017

Vacation Begins

Vacation Time!
We've got a couple of days of
driving before we get to our
first real stop.  I love a good road
trip.  I love seeing and exploring
all of the new places in between.

We found this giant rooster
at one of our fuel stops.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Orleans and Lots of Travel

Spending a warm rainy morning in
New Orleans before heading on to Destin.

We ate breakfast at the famous
Café Du Monde


The boys had never tried them.


Lots of powdered sugar

We came across this soda shop.

They had all kinds of soda.
All Kinds!


I found this tea place for
Rylee.  They make and bag
all their own teas and spices
right there in the store.

Rylee loved it.  The spices smelt
sooooo good.  We bought several
that I can not wait to try.


I want to go back and spend
a long weekend exploring all
of the shops.  We didn't have near
enough time.  But I am ready to
get to the beach!

On the way out of town we stopped
by this house that was used
in the filming of an American Horror Story
season.  KC loves that show.


and more driving.


In Mobile, Alabama we stopped and
visited the USS Alabama


I don't think the boys have ever seen
a ship that big.  I knew Cody would
love all the history.

Finally Florida!

We got the boys settled in
our Destin hotel and we headed
out for a date night.
We had dinner on the beach
at a local seafood place.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Destin Day 1

I get a morning and evening
snap from Cody and Rylee
every day.  It's my favorite!
We woke up to rain and
when we looked at the
weather this morning this is
what we saw.  Not very promising
for our beach day.


Cody was super bummed.

but decided to make the
best of it.

We found a little bridge to
snorkel and hang out under
until it stopped raining.


I think the boys really liked


I just loved walking the beach.
Even in the rain.


The rain wasn't letting up so we
decided to go swim at the hotel
and wait to see if the rain would stop.


The evening was pretty cloudy
but no rain so it was back to the beach.


The waves were huge!